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I am delighted to announce the availability of the Pseudoscience of Love e-book. I have lovingly put together my magnum opus in convenient PDF and Kindle formats for your reading pleasure!

Some points to note on the e-book:
  1. It has the same four sections as this blog: Gender Differences, Dating, Relationships and Miscellaneous.
  2. It consists of 157 articles/entries.
  3. In addition to text, all the entries feature a chart and/or an equation.
  4. The entries consist of the best blog posts, almost all of which have been heavily edited and/or updated.
  5. The book also contains new content, exclusive to the book.
Both versions contain the same content, but due to the severe constraints of the Kindle format, the PDF version has a much nicer layout than its Kindle counterpart. I'd love to give away the book for free, but a man's gotta eat! For the low price of US$3.99*, you can be entertained and educated by my hopefully humorous hodgepodge of cod psychology, cod science and even cod Latin!

PDF Version

You can download a free preview PDF from Google Docs (select the "File/Download" menu option) and if you like the look of it, please consider buying the full book using this button:

The book will be emailed to you (along with my eternal gratitude!) usually within 24 hours. Thanks!

Kindle Version

If you'd prefer the Kindle version, you can purchase a copy from or, where you can preview the polished article for free first. Thanks a million, if you do buy it!

*For the Kindle version, it may be the approximate equivalent in your currency. Taxes may be added by Amazon, depending on your location.

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