Thursday, 4 December 2008

Internet dating - avoiding a pig in a poke

As mentioned in the original post on Internet dating, chatting away to a potential date on the web can result in extreme disappointment. After prolonged bouts of exciting flirting, hours of playful banter and many deep and meaningful conversations, the real life meeting eventually occurs. This can burst the romantic bubble as you didn't get what you were expecting, s/he wasn't as advertised or the real life sparks simply didn't fly.

As the graph above shows, the probability of disappointment is dependent on how familiar you were with how the person really looks before you met. This is particular true for men, the more visual of the species. If you have relied solely on the tapping of the keyboard for the virtual romance, the first real date is Russian Roulette, my friend! Marginally better is the old picture, which may have been taken many dinners ago.

Even a recent picture can be misleading, especially in the age of photo editing. Therefore, if possible you're best advised to see your cyber-date on web cam before committing to a real life romantic encounter. If you manage to see the object of your virtual affection in his/her birthday suit on cam and you're still disappointed on meeting, you've only yourself to blame!


The Romantic said...

Agreed. And another really funny chart. Thanks for the info and the laughs. I've never seen anyone combine science and relationships like you have.

Aidan said...

Thanks for the comment. I'll allow the link since it was on point and very compilmentary!

Glad you liked my humble efforts at humour! That was my hook - now I'm just waiting for the publishing deal!!!

do pheromones work said...

Well,That exactly the reason why I am not interesting looking for a potential date on web it may always result disappointment. I like your blog so informative!